Gateway to Nature

Soak yourself in the natural environs of Lal Bagh, with its rich expanse of indigenous flora and fauna and many adventures to experience Rajasthan's rustic and rural life.

Lal Bagh Jungle Dinner

Jungle Safari

Ranakpur is one of the top destinations for a jungle safari in India. Ranakpur Jungle Safari is a journey of exploring the forest regions via a vintage safari jeep. The rustic jungle safari and the rural life connect you to traditional village life. You can interact and meet villagers and get to know them. Hop on our jeeps or take our Safari tour to explore the elongated natural environment in and around the resort. The leopard safari will make you capture exotic and rare photos of this majestic beast and other flora and fauna of the region. Additional to the leopards are various other animals, like varieties of deer, herds of elephants, colorful reptiles, a plethora of bird species along with medicinal plants, and some hundred years old trees that form the major habitat of the jungle.

Jungle Dinner

Experience nature while dining is the essence of enjoyment in rural Rajasthan. Enjoying camps and campfire music and dining in the rich expanse of the jungle makes this experience one of a kind. Relishing the delicious delicacies from our professional chefs and soaking in the resort's natural aura makes it perfect for nature lovers. It is an exclusive facility given to the guests, one which becomes their favorite memory.

Lal Bagh Yoga
Lal Bagh Wellness

Nature Walk

By discovering nature, you discover yourself. Take a walk at the nature-soaked resort and let nature be the friend you need to detox your soul and rejuvenate your mind. Nature walks allow you to tune in with the natural environment and experience tranquility that has been missing in your normal hectic life. Long untrodden paths will make you feel one with nature.

Yoga & Wellness

Lal Bagh provides the perfect destination to meditate and connect deeply with oneself in the lap of nature. The resort has many programs that help you achieve physical and psychological well-being. Yoga improves strength and flexibility and gives a sense of calmness. Meditating aligns your mind with the greater aspects of reality. Remove your stress, untie the knots in your mind, and relax your muscles in tranquility.

Lal Bagh natural walk
Lal Bagh Animal Ride

Animal Rides

Take an exciting horse or camel ride in Ranakpur and enjoy the adventure. Being one of the kids' favorite activities, these fun rides take a small trail of the property and the jungle and let you experience the wilderness more rustically. Get accompanied by professionals if you are riding for the first time and experience the joy of exploring the small villages, lakes and rivers on a horse/camel.

Explore More

Our luxurious resort provides many recreational as well as relaxing activities. Indulge yourself in adventure and fun, and make your stay here memorable.

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